Did you ever make mixtape for your crush? You had to be judicious. Not too many love songs. Not too much pop. There were only 700 megabytes available for you after all. The culmination of all the research and the listening and the culling was the exchange, which, for me, made my heart race.

Making mixtapes is now a relic ritual. Because most of our music is consumed digitally, you only have to drag and drop bits of text. I think part of the magic of selecting songs, for your person, comes from the tangibility of the medium. Maybe that’s why vinyl is still popular. You can’t easily scrub through a record unless you know how far that song is from the edge of the disc.

SHOSHANNA is a personal project - it’s trying to make mixtapes matter again. It’s a part love letter, part generative art installation. Using natural language processing, signals processing, and the equation used to predict weather patterns, SHOSHANNA takes a set of songs and creates a painting based on the emotional quality. I hope that by creating this one-of-a-kind art that the act of making and receiving music will be magical again.

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