In my first year of college, I persisted my way in to a graduate course called Technology, Design and Operations. Professor Fixson, the lead instructor, allowed me to informally join the course and work on Firefly. Along with the five actual students (Shilpi, Molly, Lara, Rahul and Prakash), I helped with design research. We were charged with designing a bilibed, which cures jaundice in infants, that would be manufactured, in Vietnam, for less than $1,000 per unit.

The three key factors for successful phototherapy is surface coverage, correct wavelength, and duration. Shilpa handled the engineering aspect and I aided her in finding and sourcing materials. My major contributions were in design research. I coordinated interviews, provided translation, and conceptualized form factors for the bilibed. We referenced the baby sarong, from our interviews and personal experiences, as the core form factor. By referencing a familiar tool, we believed that the bilibed would become more adoptable.